Saturday, March 16, 2013

Waiting for empty...

So I'm doing well. Happy about the pretty pretty dress from JCP. Hoping that my pretty pretty other dress will arrive shortly. I'm thinking that this dress will look great with a thick gold belt, the new sandals (already picked up) and a denim jacket, or a military jacket. I'm up in the air on that. Hopefully I don't lose so much that I won't be able to wear them. But that's okay, there's more pretty pretty dresses in the universe. I want to be teeny. Like Ann Hathaway in that scene where she dies... but with better hair... and skin.. and not be a hooker. Princess Diaries Three: Social Unrest!

So I'm hoping I will get that empty and get the sugary chinese food out. Chinese food? Should it be capitalized when it's just food? And that's not really chinese... I mean, first off it was all made here in America, right? And the history of that food is that it's not really from china, it's like Polynesian food. So why chinese? I dunno, probably just racism.

Anyway, food - GET OUT!

Ps - Gyspy sisters are nasty nasty girls! They have bad skin, bad hair, are skany, ignorant and trashy.. but AT LEAST they have the good sense to be thinny!

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