Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I'm so easily manipulated it's ridiculous...

So I met with my student teacher this afternoon. It went about as well as I suspected, he was sad and hurt by my frank analysis. I was sorry that I was hurting someone, but stood by my observations. I hate hurting people. Let me type that again I REALLY HATE HURTING PEOPLE. I'm bad at it first off. There's a professor who hurt me pretty badly with some very nasty comments so to get back I called him a bad person and said I was sorry I ever met him. I'm certain that elicited no more than an eye-roll and snicker. Also, I'd much rather just hurt myself. I REALLY LOVE HURTING MYSELF! 10 laxatives later (since 4pm) and I'm just waiting for that beautiful big empty. Light headed dizzy twirling nothingness filling me, lifting me out of myself and washing away all the awful of the day. I can't wait. Fingers crossed he doesn't come in with a cup of acid and throw it in my face tomorrow.

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