Saturday, March 16, 2013

Chinese food and feeling okay about it

So I had some deliciously terrible chinese food this afternoon with Michael as we got the oil changed in my car. Hopefully I'll see all set about keeping the food in me. I had been a little depressed lately and I'm wondering if it's a combination of long days, season change, stress from student teacher and too little food... specifically hot food.  I'm thinking that maybe I should try to get (AND KEEP!!!) on hot meal a week into me. I'm 107 I think I can get off my back.  I just got back from JCPennys and NOTHING in that store fits. It's like I'm a child, I have to shop in juniors if I want a pretty dress.  At anyrate I did get a pretty pretty dress... it's a small which is a little too big even though it's an extra small, but oh well, I can pair it with a belt and a jacket. Another pretty pretty dress is coming in the mail... but if an extra small is too big, I dread trying on a regular small!  Wow, when did all the sizes get big, I mean, I don't recall small being this large, ever.

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