Monday, March 4, 2013

Day Eight... feels great!

Okay, breakfast: piece of toast and mug of tea on the way to work, kept me up and full until lunch.
Lunch: apple, carrots, yogurt. Student-teacher whined non-stop!
Dinner: Donut, taboulleh and coucous, on a few crackers.

Brewing tea now, and will probably have a piece of toast. Took three laxatives to get it out of me. My student teacher is just pissing me off so much. He's just fucking up and doesn't come in prepped or with plans. It's annoying. I sent him home over the weekend with FIVE essays to grade, these essays are only five paragraphs long. And he said "I fell behind in correcting." I could have slapped him in the face. It's annoying, this is my job. It's not a hobby, or a game, or a joke. It's a job!

Oh well, I had a few sips of the Shamrock Shake. It made my stomach sick as hell. Gotta get to prepping. I now have to make plans for tomorrow just in case student-teacher comes in unprepared again.

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