Sunday, March 24, 2013

Summer movies

I can't wait for the summer because I have this wonderful ritual of watching films in the back yard. I project them onto the wall of my house and sit in a big comfy chair and roast marshmellows and leave a nice little fire going and I sit and watch movies. It's a great great great way to spend a summer evening. It's relaxing, and you just feel like a nice peace to life. I feel like my brain shuts off and stops yelling at me, at least for an evening.

But what amazes me is that while I was excited to put in my Lord of the Rings triology, this summer I couldn't care less about The Hobbit. So that movie was okay, but it was boring and filled with a bunch of extra crap from the Simarillion...which had NOTHING to do with the ring...okay, I'm geeking out for no reason. But I am a little bummed out because my summers are the only time of the year that my brain leaves me alone and doesn't pick on me. I'd like to see some good movies this summer in my backyard. But I can't think of what that will be. I'm gonna have to go to the 80s for inspiration.

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