Sunday, March 10, 2013

Climbing down from food.

So yesterday's food didn't do much damage. I'm at 108, which would be disappointing if I hadn't seen a beautiful sight this morning in the mirror... hipbones! Both of my hipbones are popping out of my pelvic... or maybe that's my pelvic bone. Yeah, it's probably that. Wow, I will never be a forensic anthropologist!

Today, I'm not running, it's just too cold and I'm tired. I'll just avoid food like a champion. Mike is probably going to run, so I want to give him the opportunity to play on it. Also, I'm cold and tired! I'll run this spring and summer. And the weight will fly off! I'm hoping to get down to 100 before the end of school, and then see where I can go during the summer. 90!

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