Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hemp Protein

So here's a weird question for the vampires reading this... but first let me set up the story.

Recently, I've begun to slowly eat my way to thinny. It's entirely possible. Most of the body building vanity muscles are formed in the kitchen, not the gym. I have a beginning of a six pack and TRUST me I do not do crunches. In fact I'm a little upset about it. I do not want a six pack, that's the opposite of the look I'm going for. I want to look delicate and a six pack ain't delicate!  Anyway, raw vegan diet during the work week.  About 60% of what I eat... actually it's probably 75%, is raw and vegan. My breakfasts are toast and tea, so not vegan and not raw. But what I eat during the day is. Apples, carrots, plums (just tried a lemon plum, BTW, delicious! was dinner last night) and a yogurt. Now the yogurt is Greek and have 0 fat, but lots of protein. I have to keep my protein up as I'm falling asleep here!

This morning I had an Acai berry and chocolate protein shake. It was good, I won't lie most of the vegan processed foods are bland and uninteresting, but it was goodish. But it was made from Hemp Protein. So two questions... A. What the hell is that?  B. Will I pop positive?

Okay, well, since it's 8:36 I'll say "nighty nighty" to the vampires. Have a good day's sleep.

ps - is blood raw? it's certainly not vegan.

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