Friday, March 22, 2013

Rifleman and broken men

So I'm watching The Rifleman, one of my favourite TV shows and I noticed that the majority of the men in this show are widowers. Which is my favourite type of man. Nice guy, obviously marriage minded, already has a child and no exwife to ruin my life. And I know what you're thinking, "you'll have to live up to a memory and no one does that." Yeah, at some point we will all come in second to a ghost. Second ain't so bad.

Lucas McCain. Upright, stalwart and noble. He lives in a lone prairie house with his young son, Mark. After death of his wife, who is never named nor shown, he moved to the town of Northfork and used his firm but gentle manner to clean up the city. Taming the locals, and even rehabilitating the local drunk, Micah Torrence, to be reborn as the town's marshal.  McCain lives a lonely life, but his business as a cattle rancher makes him an active and necessary member of the community.

In this particular episode McCain rescues a man from the road, shot in the back, and takes him to the town's doctor.  This man is later found to be a villain, whom even the venerable Micah Torrence abhors. McCain uses his influence to create not sympathy for the undisputed villain but empathy for the process of law.  Encouraging the towns folk to refuse the People's Vigilante Committee (a group from another town sent to track him down and return the evil man dead or alive... which in the old west television means DEAD) and stick by the converted Torrence and justice.

I love this show. You should check it out.

Meanwhile I got rid of the bagel.. thank you god. But the spaghetti is here now. Fortunately I have 8 laxatives doing their work inside me. I'm hoping to feel that lovely empty floating feeling tonight and depending on how much I lose I might just treat myself to breakfast tomorrow.  pancakes!

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