Friday, March 8, 2013

Holy Cow! I didn't post yesterday!

Well, I had my graduate class to go to, which ate my evening. And it was the first dull class. He must have explained deconstructionism four times. I thought I was going to go cross-eyed.
On the way to school I swung into McDonald's and had the two cheeseburger meal with a full sugar coke. A little disappointed in myself, but then I had six laxatives so it came out all last night and this morning. I've got to get my eating under control. My weight flew off but now I'm like stuck in a holding pattern. Just hovering at 110 and not getting skinnier. My thighs are still huge, my bum and hips are still flabby. I'm still a BEAST!

Taking today off to wait out the storm. It's snowing like crazy and will continue to snow for six straight hours. The roads are slick with ice so most places are closing. I called out, and sent my plans to everyone I could think of and texted bobby. He'll do fine. Hopefully Chaug is just closed today, they should be closed!

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