Saturday, March 9, 2013

108... finally the right direction!

I'm worried that it's water weight, but it's nice at any rate! 108. Even sounds good. Hoping 107 will follow soon. I'm not going to run today, feeling a little jiffy in the tummy. That's a lie, I'm feeling a little cold and lazy. My ankle hurts a little, but not enough to keep me from running. My laziness is keeping me from running.

So instead I'm going to stick with starving myself thin. I think the raw fruits is finally showing up as weight loss. I'll stick with this for another two weeks to see if it goes in my favour.

Okay, off to clean up, Target for curtains for the living room, then grocery shop at Hannafords. Love it. My life is so exciting, how do people handle their jealousy?

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