Sunday, March 10, 2013


Yup, I love being alone in my body. Just my brain and my organs, but no food. Maybe a little water. But NO FOOD! It feels good being empty. I don't know how people handle walking around with that weight on them. That fat tucked into thighs and bums and tummies and boobs. I think about it and just want to scratch all the skin off my arms!  YUCK!

Anyway, I've lost almost all the fat off of my tummy. My pelvic bones popped out yesterday and now are really obvious today. My thighs are shrinking, and stand at 20 inches...which is a little chubby. But my arms are stringy and my hips and bum are okay. I want to lose inches from hips/bum area 35 inches so far. That's kinda chubby!

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