Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bucket List

Michael got me thinking of things I want to do before I die and so I've started a list:

1.  get my MA in history
2.  write a great MA thesis in history
3.  publish a book on the history of the Old Manse
4.  write a murder mystery about the Old Manse
5.  go to Quebec city again
6.  go to Montreal
7.  get really good at Latin and pass an exam
8.  take a long hike up a mountain and photograph animals and plants
9.  shoot a gun
10.  shoot a bow and arrow
11.  see the Grand Canyon
12.  see the River Walk in San Antonio
13.  be an extra is a big screen movie
14.  see Niagara Falls

there it is for right now.
I think really I'd like to see 100 pounds this summer. I do believe I can reach that. This is the goal for summer.  I'd like to see really tiny.

Enjoy some thinspo of Keira Knightley... easily the most beautiful woman on film.  I've got to trim up my sides and my thighs, but other than this I'm her size. Shorter and I have bigger boobs, which I don't want those to shrink anymore!

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