Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day Seven, more like day stuck.

Hoping this doesn't have to be a day sicks. I'd like to just go out, get the groceries and come home. So far, 1 apple, two pieces of toast, three rolos candies and a lovely cup of tea. I did run five miles and walked a sixth so hopefully I'm not too off track. I'm still weighing in at 109. But then the pounds come off slowly. I've got to keep in mind that it's cold, it's winter and my body knows both of these things. It thinks it has to store food to help me with the weather.. which it probably does!
Coding goes well, this is actually terribly fun!
Thinking of getting all my hair cut off on Wednesday. Just so happy to be in good health that I want to celebrate daily! Now if only I can get Audrey Hepburn skinny!

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