Sunday, March 17, 2013


So now I'm all upset and annoyed and ready to destroy myself. Let the binging begin!
I've got two bags of jellybeans, two small packets of rolos, two slices of cheese cake with cheery, and a lemon burst square. I'm making Shepard's pie as we speak (or don't speak really).  Okay, into my body all of this is going to go but don't worry before hand I'm going to plow down like ten laxatives. I can't stand my family. Just leave me the hell alone. I weigh what I weigh. You weigh what you weigh. What really kills me is that all through my childhood and teen years my mom was up my ass about how fat I was. I wasn't fat, but I was chubby. I've always had huge boobs and an ass. But that was always bad. So now I am working to shrink and all of the sudden that's bad. Fucking make up your mind mom! In any case, too late, I like being little. I intend to be tiny.

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