Friday, March 15, 2013

student teacher is trying to kill me

So, hooray, I got a student teacher. Boo, I got a student teacher. I wanna die. Aside from fracking up like a professional he refuses to read, refuses to prep, loses work and in general sucks. But today was the best... he "created" a handout for Shelly and it was obvious copy and pasted from He CLEARLY never read it over as this hand out insisted that Shelly was in a "menage a trois" with her husband and Byron. I said "yeah, we're taking out the phrase 'menage a trois' it doesn't belong in a hand out for high schoolers". He was all agreement... as usual, and then the BEST thing happened. He asks "what does that mean?" I mean, come on! Okay, maybe you don't know what that is, good for you, but fracking if you are going to hand out a sheet to students you READ IT OVER and if you don't recogonize the terms you LOOK THEM UP! So I said "it's when three people get together and have sex." I gotta get this kid out of my classroom.

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