Thursday, March 28, 2013


This morning was so nice waking up skinny at goal weight. I'm on route to definitely get to 100 by birthday. Tomorrow is a doctor's appoinment, and I'm a little worried about skirting past her at my weight and with the amount of laxatives in my digestive track. I had a bagel and four laxatives on my way to school. Felt so good I took five more during class.  I love it, people must think I'm a tictac fiend!

Had a good class. I really like this class and had a fun time going postal on Ginszburg kind of irresponsible view of folkloric inspired actions in history. I'm a big one for allowing excuses into the historical record for evil actions. Where's the end? Do we allow folklore to excuse the actions of the nazi's? or does folklore get to prevent the spread of democracy in our own country by preventing gay people to marry? Yeah, folklore isn't the problem. BIGOTS are the freaking problem.

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