Thursday, May 9, 2013

Watching people eat

is the worst thing on the planet. Just let me say that. So I had my last graduate class tonight. Very fun, we met at a coffee shop. Cute little place, saw an old professor and was pretty happy to see him. Anyway, the young kid in the class with the eating disorder was ON today. He got this fried cheese sandwich, i dunno, and it was disgusting. Just so horrid.  I don't know why people think I have an eating disorder. Yeah, okay, I eat about 800 to 1000 calories a day. I take laxatives to make sure I can't keep the food in me, and I burnt off all of my body fat. But I keep my body tight, I look good and I'm obviously healthy. so I think someone that eats what must be 5000 cals a day (meal) has the DISorder.

Anyway, I loved this class. I'm sad to end this class. It was a blast, and I really liked the professor, and the other classmates.  Hoping the paper turns out okay, but I'm aiming for a C. Really I don't think I pulled out this last one. I think it fell apart.

Summer off. Next semester: Historiography!

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