Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hot damn!

So I'm taking out last summer's clothing and NONE of it fits! All too damned big. My shorts are falling off my ass.  So I have ONE pair of shorts to wear this summer and they are size 00. I love me. I love veggies and fruit and water and not eating shit. I love that my discipline gave me this body. I only wish I could see how skinny I am. I'm not blind, I own mirrors. But I only see my old body when I look at myself. I see fat thighs, I see rolls on my tummy. I see flabby gross boobs. I see a fat face. I wish I could see myself, but not know that it's me so I could see what I look like and really understand that I have lost weight. That I am pretty. That I can stop starving at this point.

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