Tuesday, May 28, 2013

chubbing up

So I woke up at 111 this morning and came home to 112. Fucking christ, I'm getting fat again. This is going to stop. I feel like a big beached whale siting here. I can feel my big blubbery hips spilling over the sides of my ass, and my nasty jiggly ass blobbing around when I walk. People must look at me and want to vomit. Disgusting.

Well, that's it. Starvation city here I come. Toast in the morning with water. Carrots, apple and yogurt for lunch. Diet fizz for snack, or just more water. I wonder if the diet fizz is making me fat. It's got no calories, but maybe it has something else that it making me bloat? Then toast and water for dinner.

Screw being fat!

Remember your goal:

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