Monday, May 13, 2013

Interviewed today

So I had my interview at Nashoba today. I think it went well. If I don't get this job it will be a very talented person to knock me out.... or the superintendent just decided to go with someone else. I wouldn't be surprised to find that I was knocked aside for the superintendent's choice, it wouldn't be the first time.

At any rate the questions were good and I could answer all of them with a brilliant and insightful answer. Except the "what is your definition of inclusion" I've always been a little hazy on exactly what inclusion it. I think it means that I should make sure my curriculum is balanced and diverse enough to INCLUDE everyone. But that could also be wrong.

Anyway, back to school tomorrow. Had a good conversation with a professor about how the term American needs to be in constant flux, that once a person "defines" it that definition becomes obsolete and it's this transitory nature of the idea that makes America so strong. That if we are to be a good nation, a strong leader in the world, we just be in constant flux and under constant self-scrutiny, and going through discourse.

Three day week... Monday, off; Tuesday Wednesday Thursday, regular ed; Friday, no seniors!
I love Senior Skip Day!

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