Saturday, May 4, 2013

Thank you God!

Finally back on track at 108! Thank the fucking lord Jesus Christ!  Yesterday I actually hit, and I don't want to say this, 112. Holy shit right? One hundred, twelve.

Side note. You really shouldn't say one hundred AND twelve.  In math "and" denotes a decimal point. So technically you just said 100.12... which I would LOVE to be. Maybe sometime this summer I will get to write that! Okay, that's a goal. By August 3rd I want to be able to type, "I'm one hundred AND (meaning POINT) twelve.

So yeah, I'm feeling better. Now am I bummed out that I'm 108. Yes, that's still chubby. And it's only 8 am, which means I'm going to blimp up to possibly 109.something or even 110. But hey, it ain't no 112. Right? Yeah, fat girl logic. I know.

At least it's beautiful so I can go running. I'm just waiting to get my body awake a little more before I go.  Regular 8 mile circuit. I love that route, I just don't want to get a cramp and have to walk.

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