Friday, May 3, 2013

Making a pizza

So I'm making a pizza on my pizza stone. Yup, living the life! We got red peppers, green peppers and jalapenos. So yeah, thug life chose me. A little worried about how I'm going to feel AFTER i eat it, but I'm feeling pretty good today. I took a handful of laxatives on the way home and finally got rid of everything from today and yesterday. Not a crazy happy person about keeping food in me. But I must be doing something right, I'm sitting here in my size 00 bermuda shorts from White House Black Market and am very comfy. Not tight at all. Actually really like them.

Got a great review at work today. I am a brilliant teacher, so of course! Hoping my co-worker Patrick gets an equally positive review. But he's going about it a little wrong. He's doing this whole dog and pony show technique. I just had the same old curriculum I was planning to do. I actually had forgotten I was being observed so I didn't have time to think of something new. I think that's more honest, and I know John (the VPrincipal) respects that. No one wants to see performance art, they want to see teaching.

Anyway, gonna go check on my pizza. yeah, thug life!

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