Sunday, May 5, 2013

Summer foods

So I'm hoping that this month sees me get to 105. My goal weight is 100 by August 3rd (birthday).  If I want to achieve this then I have to consider what I'm eating. Oddly I have a feeling that if I increase my protein intake I might have more luck.

So the goal is...
Current weight 110 (fat, gross, FAT!) - May 5th
End of May - 105 (eh, pretty okay, probably a little pudgy still)
End of June - 100 (nice)

Oh, I just realized that June comes after May... not July after May. So I have a while to chizzle away at that last 10 pounds. I'd like to try for this schedule. Running, and walking and eating very little.

Okay, well, good luck to me. Maybe I could hit 96 (ultimate goal weight) by my birthday.

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