Wednesday, May 22, 2013

slowly shrinking

Gonna get myself back down. I started today at 110. Not too shabby, especially when I remembered that I had forgotten to take my lax to get the ugly food out. So I gobbled some down on my way out the door this morning and said "good bye" to dinner. Thank god. I feel so much better with the food out of my body.

It's an interesting thought. I have to take foreign objects and feed them into my body, hoping that they will be deconstructed and utilized, then processed into waist and ejected. Why? Why am I putting animal parts and plants into my body? they are foreign. Water makes sense. 78% of my body, and your body, and all of our bodies, are water. But 0% is apple, or lettuce, or beef. So why am I putting them in? Doesn't my body, the well-functioning machine, have the capacity to create energy of its own? The tree doesn't take parts of me and put me in. A bee doesn't eat carrots. Why am I eating? It's weight.

Anyway. Today started with a big breakfast: slim whole wheat bagel with low cal veggie spread. Lunch: carrots, apple, yogurt. Unfortunately my students gave me their school-made cookies! Dammit!  Dinner: two bowls of cereal; cheese and crackers two pretzels.  Now it's just water for the rest of the night. I'm thinking that my weight gain may also be related to the water intake. So I'm okay with that. Water is good for you, and it keeps me from feeling hungry because I'm so damned full of water!

Had a good day. Felt like a little goodie-two-shoes of a girl. Got a ton of compliments on my dress.  Funny because I wear it all the time!

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