Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I'm not fat, I'm just crazy muscular!

So there was a health fair at my school an after school I went down. There they had a body composition machine. I'm not entirely sure how it works... or even what it is called... but it made me happy!  I took off my shoes and socks, and hopped on.  She looks at me, takes my height.  She looks at me, smiles. She looks at me and looks at the print out. She looks at me and looks at the print out. She smiles.

"I knew this was going to be amazing, you're so little." She hands me the paper.

"10.3" says the paper.

"Holy fuck" thinks the NOT FAT girl.

This was the lowest read out she had ever had for a person. I am in-between an athlete and a starving person.  Actually I just looked at a chart, I'm a starving person. YES! I'm officially sick. Now I just want to look the part. I'm a slim looking woman, but I want to get scrawny. I want to be so slender that I look sick. I want to stop menstruating.

Hooray! Okay, so I'm going to work like crazy this summer. Lose about 10 to 15 more pounds. Hit one hundred, then 95 and think about 90. I love it.

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