Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pancakes and family time

Went home to my family and had breakfast foods. They made it especially for me. Very happy. It was nice, but I can't help it. I want that food out of me. YUCK! I've got all that food inside me, just sitting around turning into fat. Nasty!

So it was nice to go home and be with them. I have an excellent family. My family is much better than most people. I have a cool family that is very intelligent. But they are also just real people. I have a bunch of pretentious douche bags sitting around a wine bottle talking fucking nonsense. I got a bunch of people sitting around pancakes talking about Billy Madison one minute and the Dirty Deal between Winston Churchill and Stalin the next. Actually my mother brought up an interesting question, she asked what started the cold war. Great question right? It generated like 2 hours of conversation.

Love my mother, she's so fucking smart and awesome.

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