Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ugh, this paper

So I know I started this to open a dialogue with my eating disorder but I'm going to use this open a dialogue with my MA History pursuing self. Why are you doing this?  You teach English and you just finished your MA in English. So what do you do?  Do you take a year off to study? Or just take a year to read for pleasure? Or maybe just take a year to become stronger at teaching. No. Not you.

First you had the unfortunate circumstance of being a star teacher at your school. Yes, each review ends with "you rock" and "sky's the limit for someone like you" and "please don't leave" I'm not bragging, I'm quoting!  So there was no need to re-examine how and what you teach. But the reality is that while you like teaching, learning is your passion.  You want to be a student forever.

So why not take something like a painting or drawing class? Or even ballet or piano. No. You have to dive head first into a Master's program in history. And what does that mean? Writing papers that you sort of get, and sort of don't.  Papers that while the topic is interesting, don't exactly write themselves.

Ugh. Okay, back to work.... or maybe it's time to make toast.

Yeah, it's time for toast and a cup of tea.

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