Wednesday, May 29, 2013

On the right path

So I did today well. Breakfast: toast with margarine. Lunch: carrots, apple, yogurt, diet soda. Dinner: fruit salad, tea.

I'm done eating for the evening, but may have toast as a snack.

I want to get to slender and perfect. I was so close only a few weeks ago. It's so distressing to think that I was 107, 105 within my grasp, and I let it all go to pot. Now I am suffering at a big portly 111. Gross. My measurements are all swollen as well. 21 inch thighs, hips and bum 36 inches! Fatty fatty two by four!

I've got to get to slender and tiny and fragile. I want to look like I float as I walk. I want people to be afraid of how little I am, as though I were made of fragile tender glass. I want to walk on skinny pins and move with graceful tender arms. I want a wasp thin waist and tiny facial features. All this is in my power, I just have to work for it.

Can't wait for school to be over so I can run again. I'll get rid of my flabby thighs this summer and tighten the bum.

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