Thursday, May 23, 2013

Slow and steady shrinking

So today I woke up at 110, and I'm at 111.8 now. Not too bad. Much better than the 114 flare up! Holy shit did that send me over the edge. Honestly I thought I was going to start vomiting or something that day. But I have been sticking to my 350 - 400 calorie a day diet for the entire week and it's paid off! I've also been poisoning myself thin to make sure I can keep it off.

Very glad to be floating away. That's funny, a fellow teacher said he wanted to "float" away and just turn his brain off today. I can relate. I think it would be nice to live as a no one in a day. Have no memory of my life, no past, no ambition or fear of the future. Just that one day. I wonder if I would remember to not eat, and to make sure I was sick.

Tomorrow I pick up my paper. Excited. I like having all of my work in one place. Control!

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