Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cupcakes at 9pm

Got a big delicious choco cupcake from Barnes and Nobles yesterday and ate it with my wonderful husband at NINE at night. yikes. I'm terrified to step on that scale. I mean, I pregamed it with six laxatives, and chased it with four more. So it, and everything else, is gone, but the damage is done. I know I'm not 110 on that scale. If it's just 111 or even 112, I can handle it. Alright, here I go...

Okay, I'm 110.2. Not too damned shabby! I'm actually pretty psyched about that. So today, I agreed to go out to a Chipotle restaurant which means eating food. Ugh. Maybe Monday I can get a fast in. Or I could probably do a modified fast during the school week. I'll give it a try. Most school days I stick to my 350 - 400 cal daily diet with no problem. It's just that once the weekends get here, it's tough. Michael wants to eat food and isn't afraid of being a little heavy, but I live in abject terror of it!

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