Sunday, May 12, 2013

Proms suck

So last night just completely sucked. I hate chaperoning proms to being with. Most of the kids are good and you don't have to worry about them, but then you do get some kids who want to get drunk they want to get high or they just want to start shit.

We only had the mouthy little fuckers type. Which is good. But they were rampant!

Michael did his usual ignore-the-shit-out-of-me routine. I mean, it's so bad that occasionally he would talk to someone with his hands moving about and practically hit me in the face. Sitting on Michael's side is always a hazard for someone my height as it's possible to get slapped. He just talked to everyone there... oh no, he talked to everyone ELSE there. And after promising me ONE slow dance, he reneged on it. No surprise there, that man will think up any lie to get out of what he doesn't want to do. Can't wait to see what he says to get out of going to my mother's today. Any my mother is adorable.... couldn't imagine anyone not wanting to see her.

Anyway, I know it sounds whiny, "wah my husband didn't pay me enough attention at a school function" but it's just a sign of a bigger problem. When ever anyone else shows up I disappear. He will back into me, or stand on top of me, or almost clobber me. But it's like I become invisible.

So I have to start thinking about whether I deserve a man who still notices me or not. I think I do.

I liked how Sean always had an ear out for any question I asked at lunch on our last class. Even if he was entirely engaged in a conversation with someone much louder than me, he would keep an ear out for me. For example, Justin was talking (rather loudly) about something from the book, it was a good question, but I wanted to know what type of dog another professor had, it was a foolish question but we had just discussed it. So I asked softly across the table to the girl (I forget her name, but she won Graduate student of the year and is very nice and smart) and she started to answer but couldn't recall perfectly. Sean leaned over and told me "English springer spaniels" and was able to go back to his conversation in a heart beat. That's exactly how a man aught to be!

So I'm not saying I'm in love with Sean, he's charming and very intelligent and has that nerdy vibe that I dig, but he's married with three children. I'm saying I wish my husband would behave like Sean. And yeah, I'm a little attracted to Sean but who isn't!

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