Monday, May 13, 2013

Interview today

I've got an interview at my husband's school today. Very excited, but also a little nervous, and more so a little worried.

Excited - it would be fantastic to work at my husband's school. We would save a ton of money in gas and could even become a single car family.  I could get a dog, and be more active in my school's community. I could concentrate on my MA in history with less time in the car.. less time in the CAR!

Nervous - this will be my THIRD interview in this school district. I interviewed at a junior high and was the top pick, only be replaced by an internal candidate because the superintendent likes to play with people. Then I interviewed for an English position at the high school. I was the top pick for that job, but lost out to an internal candidate as the superintendent decided to shuffle people around again.  Hmmm.... interesting little pattern.

Worried - two things. One, there's no reason to not suspect that I'm going to be the top candidate who will once again, lose out to an internal shuffle. Two, what if I get it? What if I'm actually hired? I have to leave Minnechaug, and all the people I work with. I have to leave a school that I'm brilliantly successful at and hope and pray I'm just as successful at a new school? What if I'm laid off? What if I'm not as good? What am I doing?

I want the things that come with working closer. But I'm worried that I won't be successful.

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