Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Stress eating and scratching

So I had that meeting with useless student teacher and clown patrol. I hated it. These people are fucking stupid, like crazy fucking stupid.  They are special. Bitch face, not the Baba Yaga looking chick, said she never got the notes that I know I handed her. Fucking liar moron clown ass bitch. I just can't stand stupid people.

Now I'm punishing my body. I have scratched my neck to pieces and shreds. It looks like a blood pulpy mess back there, just disgusting. I took five laxatives. Then ate McDonalds. And now I'm thinking up ways to go upstairs and purge out the food. Then I can spend the rest of the evening getting sick and empty.

I just hate people. i just hate them to shreds.

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