Friday, April 19, 2013


going to see 42 today. I'm pretty excited about the film, but I'm also a little worried. This movie is only PG13, which means there's no sex (yeah) but also there's little violence (hmmm).  It's not that I want this to be a big huge violent film, but the reality of this story is that Jackie Robinson's life was not pretty. Robinson faced violence both verbal and physical, on and off the field. Robinson had to tolerate hate speech hurled at him, bottles and ball hurled at him, he had to keep his tongue in his head and his hate inside. This only created a very bitter, very angry man, and at the end of his career and life that's all that was left in Robinson, the hate and the anger that he was never able to get out.  I want to see a story about his struggle, about the ugly truth of my country and the holy shrine of baseball. I don't want this white washed pretense of happiness through tough times. So I'm excited but expecting to be disappointed.

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