Saturday, April 13, 2013

Les Mis

So I'm watching the movie Les Mis again.. no judging please, and I think my collar bone juts out as much as Ann Hathaway's.  Pretty decent. She's got better pins (legs) than me, but I'm a freaking midget, so I'll have to work on it.

Tomorrow run, and don't eat. Today I've been much better about food. Narrowly missed eating out and had a snack pack of sushi for lunch, then just had toast and tea for supper. Will have an apple if I feel peckish later. But so far so good, very few calories in me.

I just want to get down to really tiny and be fragile looking. I'm exhausted with being strong. And I'm tired of people laying emotional baggage on me. Work is fabulous, but honestly it's a lot to handle the children. I'm reading their memoirs and they are so heartfelt and touching. some of these people have been through so much, homelessness, abuse and neglect. I can't imagine how they handle being in class knowing what they deal with at home. Granted I can relate to almost every word, and unfortunately worse, but I AM STRONG. I've always been, and will always be. I'm a big fat strong ox. It's flattering to have students love and trust me so much that they can unburden themselves on me. But it's a lot. I feel for them, because I'm normal. Anyone would be touched by these people. I love them all so much. I can barely contain myself sometimes. Every once in a while I find myself just stopping class to tell them how grateful I am to have them in my classroom and my life, and how much I'll miss them.

Okay, well the "flyin' Hawaiin" just scored the winning run.. celebration must begin!

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