Saturday, April 13, 2013

Disappointing start to vacation

Just hopped on the scale... at 7:30 AM... I'm 110. This is sick. I'm obviously WAY over weight. 110 is unacceptable. So immediately downed five laxatives. I didn't take any yesterday, first mistake. And I put a few bites of the chinese left overs on top of it. So hopefully I'll get rid of that food soon.

I'm going to shower and then just correct. Maybe get a run in tonight. It's so nasty and cold I don't want to change into my gear and go out. Nor do I want to go down to the cellar and run there. I just want to be warm. I'm going to shower, get all clean and make myself sicker than I've ever been. Just correcting and prepping and getting rid of food and water. I'd like to end today at 109. Completely possible.

Okay, keep you posted.

Plan for this week:  Run 5 miles a day every morning; drink nothing but water; eat yogurt, raw fruits and veg and read.
Daily diet: Breakfast TOAST (89); Lunch YOGURT (80) and CARROTS (41); Dinner APPLE (90).
Total caloric intake a day: 300.

I'm gonna look like this:

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