Thursday, April 18, 2013

Grad class

So I'm having a pretty good time in my current grad class. It's pretty cool, the prof is a groovy guy. He's a nice teacher, and I got to admit it is reassuring to know that he will make time to talk to me about my performance in class.  I was a little worried that I either sounded dumb or was saying the most obvious thing.  But he said it might be obvious to me, but not to everyone. I hope that didn't come across as condescending to the others in class. They are really interesting and smart people. I really like this program.

Anywho, not doing well on eating. Just had dinner but fortunately I've been expelling everything in my system regularly for a couple of days. I almost fainted in his office, thank god I just blamed it on my shoes!

Exhausted. Hoping to just spend tomorrow at the mall and movies with my amazing husband. He's so great. Michael is a wonderful man, a stunner and I live in terror that some sexy sassy woman will steal him away.

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