Sunday, April 7, 2013

Gross out and newly thinspired!

So I just read a fantastic memoir by my student, it was a very funny retelling of his adventure with his friend. This young man, not author but the friend, is very over weight, like American Samoan. He thought it would be clever to eat a McDouble (I have NO idea what that is and I never want to know) in one bite. So he stuffs it in his face and tries to chew. Of course the humor of this breaks him and he manages to spit it all over the dashboard of the car.

So now whenever I think I can eat at McDonalds on my way to school and just puke it up once I get there. I'm going to remember that a big high school kid does this and just remember that a zero calorie pepsi is a great dinner!

So here's some mean spirited, but hopefully helpful thinspiration for you....

But here's some nice thinspiration for you.... lovely beautiful perfect Keira Knightly and Natalie Portman being beautiful and slender and so perfect!

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