Friday, April 19, 2013

42... not that bad!

So I'm not going to lie and say this movie really blew me away with the stark reality of the racist struggle that Robinson faced on and off the field.  I won't lie and say there weren't some real Disney moments, and that the movie would see-saw from scenes of intensely ugly racism to moments of white redemption (I'll call it that for lack of a better term).  The movie was good. It did showcase the worst of American racism in the vocabulary of baseball.  Yup, Robinson had an uphill battle through shit while the parade of ugly and stupid marched past him daily. He was wrestling for control of a shit heap. No denying this.  But the movie made it look like Robinson had that first bad year, and then everybody came 'round and eventually embraced their brother in baseball.  Nope. Didn't happen. We have ridiculous amounts of racism still in the sport. Okay, there are a lot of African Americans on the field... how about on the wall in the hall?  How about the manager's office, or the owners box? Follow the money and you will see that baseball is still a white man's game. This won't change until we have a frank discussion on race, and how we are blindly marching to the same damn drum.

Anyway I had a good day with food. I ate toast with butter and jam. No tea, had two glasses of mango juice.  Then for lunch I had a half a sandwich with a small salad and a cup of pasta salad.  Dinner will probably be toast again, not because I'm feeling guilty, but I'm feeling full.  I also had a chocolate shake, which is probably what's going to ruin this for me.  Hoping I can keep the food in me and feel okay about it.

Still loving the new car!

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