Sunday, April 28, 2013

8 mile jog

First of the road runs this morning. It was glorious. I left the house at about 8:15 and took my usual path of South Ashburnham Road to Commons Road to the Bacon Street cross over, up to the library and then down Main Street until it connected to 140 and jogged home. It's a little less than 9 miles. And I ran every step!

Not too bad for a gal who's been starving herself on a 1000 calories or less daily. Guess that pretty much proves my theory that Americans do NOT need 2000 cals a day. That's just greed.

Came home and enjoyed a nice long hot shower. I love blazing hot showers. I know they are bad for me and I know they are ruining my skin, but I moisturize furiously to counteract that. Besides, it's nice to sweat out any of the remaining toxins from my food. I know that the laxatives can only get so much out of me. The shower helps to get the rest. Food is evil, disgusting and it's trying to kill you.

Had a funny conversation on the internet today. I was looking up some low cal smoothie recipes... hey, it's almost summer, and the people were commenting about how this was "low cal" but "a carb is a carb"... and I thought...  "uhm, are you trying to insinuate that fruit and veg make you fat?"  Because that's laughable. Fruit and veg are the only things I can put in my body with NO WORRIES. Granted, yes, I'd be happier if I was part of a CSA and knew exactly where the food came from, how it was raised, who grew it, what type of fertilizer was used, etc. But maybe next year. Anyway, these two girl (fatties, obviously) were arguing with this other women (normal sized) about how fruit is full of sugars and carbs and you shouldn't eat it if you want to be skinny. The normal sized woman was trying to tell them that hamburgers have no carbs... are they healthy? Touche.  They were just blasting away at each other, so I posted, "so then why am I a skinny vegan?"  Kinda wanna go back and see what the chubbies have to say to that. Probably "blah blah blah, you were born thin"... yeah, I was. I wasn't born with an MA in English, or sassy style... those are things I worked on... like my body. So get off the internet and run fatties.

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