Saturday, April 6, 2013

Inches inches everywhere

Shedding inches! Thighs down to 20 and waist at 23! Hooray!

Celebrating with toast and tea this morning. Hips at 34.5/35 without a change. But I think that's a summer battle, so I'm going to be okay with it. Stomach is nice and flat, pins are beautiful and straight and slim, slender long arms, cheekbones, collarbones and hip bones are all fully visible. Love it. Very happy!

Also feeling good over my new "Jesus take the wheel" attitude towards student teacher. He can either do this job or not but I"m not getting upset over it. I'm not going to personal his failure, and I'm going to stop worrying about how he is a reflection of me. He doesn't reflect me, he reflects his own ineptitude.

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