Saturday, April 13, 2013

finally sick

Ahhhh finally I got really really really sick and lost everything from the past two days. I'm hoping I keep it going. Tomorrow starts my run and starve method. I'd like to see next Monday at 105. That's all I'm hoping for. Small goals.

Then it's 100 for my birthday. But I think I can beat that. I think I can get to 95 for my birthday. Tomorrow I'm going to visit my mum and see the puppy dogs. They will have no Ed and Becky so I hope they aren't all bummed out.  My brother and sister (in law) are off to PR for the week... lucky ducks. They work hard and have had a tough couple of years, so they deserve this. It's nice to see that things are working out for them. They are good teachers and good people, and will make brilliant parents. I love them both dearly... and that's not the light-headed lack of water talking, I love them. But I will probably steal their dogs.

Anyway count down to a new car: ONE DAY!

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