Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Feeling alright

I think I'm going to survive this. Today I finally felt a little lightening in my chest. I started my day practically in tears and shaking. I honestly just shook until I saw a student of mine was back from a ridiculous suspension. Very happy to see this guy back!

So I was shaking and scratching, went to Patrick complained my heart out. But today the student teacher did a pretty darned good job. Very happy with his effort with his plans. Very happy with what I see. So I think I can do this. I think I can get this guy out of my classroom with everybody happy. I will be okay.

May 10th get here. Please get here soon.

So I ate today. I skipped all meals until dinner and had a six inch meatball sub. I know that's way above my 500 cal limit but the protein is really going to my head and making me feel so good. I feel fantastic and warm. That's the best.

Anyway, hopefully tomorrow will be good too. I've got my class that I love tomorrow. YEAH!

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