Thursday, April 25, 2013

16th Century Pop Culture

I bet they self-poisoned back then. I bet the people liked to taste evil and death on their tongues and in their mouths. I bet they liked that floaty free falling feeling that you can only get from swimming in poison that you put into your own body. Experiencing death but living. Half in. Half out.

So I think Thursday will be renamed Binge and Purge day. I power ate today. Dunkins and McDonald's. Then I came home and puked it up. Not enough tho. I'm at 110. Big. Fat. Cow. Moo, says the cow. Moo, says the fat girl.

A little worried that I'm going to be outed for this soon. I had to charge out of class to get rid of the rest of it.... some had made it down the throat and into the tummy. I had only gotten rid of the throat stuff, but the tummy stuff was making a speedy exit! So eliminated that waste, and hopefully eliminated that waist! Ha, see what I did.. so clever. Still fat. Moo, says the fat girl.  Worried that my professor will notice, but pretty certain he's the "none-my-business" type. Love that type. Just teach, I'll destroy my body and do all the work, don't you worry Sean. I know what my body can handle.

Moo, says the fat girl.

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