Saturday, April 20, 2013

Putting around in my little red roller-skate

I love this new car. I can't begin to tell you how much I love this new little car. I feel so freaking trendy and tiny in it. It's a good influence on me too as it makes me want to get really really skinny.

I had a half a burger at the Texas Roadhouse today. Delicious but disgusting at the same time. However I will say that place always makes me feel so good about myself. I see the little waitresses who are always so nice (not being glib these girls are always the nicest little girls) but they are THICK! Wow, some big old thighs in that house. And the other guests... holy god I've never seen people this big up close in my entire life.

Anyway, it makes me think of my new all time favorite show: Supersize v. superskinny. I want to be on that show. But I have to make myself smaller first... and move to Britain... and be willing to gain weight. Never going to happen! Most of these gals are like under seven stone. I'm stuck at a whopping seven stone and ten. The skinniest I've ever gotten myself is seven stone and a half. I'd like to be exactly seven stone... for those of you American vampires that's 98 pounds. I'd like to hit that goal by birthday, August 3rd, for those of you thinking of getting me something (DVD copy of Best Little Whorehouse in Texas... no judging!) But then I'd like to sit at 96 ultimately. That was Natalie Portman's weight in Black Swan and I think she just looked superb in that film. Such a lovely little elegant creature. So small and so thin. I want to look in the mirror and see that.

Ballet and swimming all summer long with no food living in my system and I can do it!

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