Monday, April 22, 2013

Back to school

And I don't mean the Rodney Dangerfield movie... but then I should mean it!

Today was a great day back to school, my kids are ready to be gone and graduated. But I'm hopeful that I can at least keep them in line until May 31.. the last day. We have a half day next week Tuesday, and then the seniors have a field trip on May 3 (Friday).  So I have a bit of spotted dick of a schedule.

Feeling a little floaty today. I'm comfortably deposited on the couch, p-jammied, wrapped in a blanket with a toasty warm laptop. Thinking of a cup of a tea but I don't want to get up until the room stops spinning. I took only four today. But then I also ate like a bird. Toast, tea, carrots and yogurt. Nothing but water after that. Feeling good but definitely floating.

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