Sunday, April 14, 2013

Crazy proud of my little self

So this morning I ran five miles, then ate a piece of toast with margarine and washed it down with a cup of tea. Then it was off to momsa's for another cup of tea. Dodged eating a chicken and potato dinner, and drove home. The five laxatives kicked in nicely and I lost everything I had put in me (which was barely anything).  I had two pieces of toast with margarine and peach perseves with a cup of cocoa.

So cal counter:
toast:  83 cals
tea:  none
2 pieces of toast with jam: 172
tea: none
Hooray I'm at:  255
hmmmm  that's a little higher than I wanted. I know I want to go the day at 300 cals total. But I'm thinking I should have at least an apple or something to end the day. Grrrr......

Anyway, I want to get delicate so that's the goal. Tomorrow run again and start the process over. I can feel my butt muscles are firmer but not sore. I wish it would get nicer fast, I'd like to run outside. That's a GREAT workout.

I'm meeting with my prof Thursday night to discuss the class and my goals as a history MA candidate. Hooray.  Oooh, maybe I should try cottage cheese.  I bet it's tastey and can't be too fatty....

Things to ponder as I attempt to get here:

she is exquisite!

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