Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Yellow Wallpaper

So I'm getting a little crazy paranoid about the job interview at Gardner. Something she said really freaked me out.  In the conversation we both admitted to hating Silvia Plath, which I'll stand by, she sucks. But the principal said "ugh, Silvia Plath and the Yellow Wallpaper."  Uhm, that was Katherine Perkins Gilman. I didn't say anything because I thought it would be rude to correct her, but now I'm worried that was a test.  IDK.

Had ribs at my dad's... so nasty and dry, yuck. And corn on the cob, so sweet and delicious I LOVE corn, it's my favourite veg.

Going into the last week of school. This year has been a weaker year for me. I was not the strongest teacher I could be. But I was also a lazy bum. So I know where my problems lie and how to fix them. Laziness is easily correctable. Also, I was distracted by my horrid student teacher, and I was in way over my head with writing workshop.

Last six days are staring at me. I feel like I'm looking into the abyss a little. But not in a bad way, it's daunting to be laid off, but there are a lot of possibilities out there. I could get the job at Gardner (that's the best of the possibilities) I could get hired at a school closer, Monty Tech could open up a spot and bring me on board, 'Chuag might find the money after all. I'm confident that I'll find something, but I'm equally confident that my confidence will waver and I'll despair. Fingers crossed that I find something before I move beyond just the normal poisoning.

This week starts my afternoon running schedule. Very happy about that. 8 miles a day, I'll keep you posted.

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