Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sushi with chicken?

Why not. So it was in the grocery store and I ate it. Delicious. Anyway, here are the dogs I was thinking of getting back when I was alive.

These two little guys were surrendered to a rescue shelter by some a-hole farmer who was going to shoot them for killing a chicken. What?! Was that chicken his lover? These guys are a-freaking-dorable, I'd get both if I could. But even if I had a job and a future, I can't have two dogs. And to be honest I can't have anything with a chase/hunt/kill instinct, I own a cat.

 Sadie here is a Beagle Tree Hound mix. Yeah, it's a weird looking dog, beautiful, but it's strange to see a beagle with long legs.  Pretty girl though, so I'm in love.

Here's the one for me. Little yappy dog throwing a temper-tantrum. She is RIGHT up my alley. A beagle pure, which is why I can't get past people who go to breeders... you can get a better dog with a healthier pedigree at a shelter, and you a doing a good deed.

I wish this was my life. Teaching school and complaining about getting up too early because my dog has to go the bathroom. I wish my life was this beautiful. Just teaching English in some little school, making students happy and helping their families and community in my small way. Packing my little dog into my car to take him to football games and field hockey matches. Working late but being home in a quarter of an hour. Making dinner for my husband and correcting papers.

But no, and there's no use crying over spilled milk. Make a hemlock salad for birthday and see if you are right about the afterlife.

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