Monday, June 3, 2013


Maintained at 110 all day. Pretty damned happy. I did cheat and got a iced hot chocolate at DDs. Sorry body. But I think it will be okay. I was safe with dinner and was really good to myself with breakfast (yogurt, 80 cals) and lunch (ten baby carrots, 1 apple, second yogurt) then with dinner I think I'll be okay.

I'm into this fantastic show: Supersize v. Superskinny. Love it! This show is pretty cool, people who are very overweight team up with people who are very underfed. In pairs they swap diets, not the healthiest idea, but good entertainment.

I like watching the superskinnies, their bodies are lovely!

This blond has just perfect arms, abs and pins!
Lovely long and lean. I'd kill for this body. I don't get this show he looks at the superskinnies and criticizes them... uhm, hello this is what the human body should look like!

This little red-head is a tap dancer and teen model. So first off, she's like 18 so give me a break, of course she's a skinny pinny girl. But she's got a tiny little body and I'm jealous! Of course, I'm 37 so I think 110 for 37 isn't too shabby. Would like to tighten up the arms (no bingo wings thank you!) and trim down the thighs and pins.

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